How To Take Care of Your Organic Cotton T-Shirts?

Organic cotton T-shirts are like any other type of T-shirt, the difference being they are free from any harmful chemicals. This type of T-Shirts do less harm to the environment are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals and GMOs.  

Thus, you will be making an effort to being environmentally friendly by choosing to buy such T-shirts for men. However, such T-shirts require special care as explained in this article. 

Tips To Care For Organic Cotton T-Shirts 

  • Organic clothes are simpler to take care off since they are not exposed to any chemicals and simply using natural soap and cold water will suffice. On the other hand, the traditional T-shirts often require fabric softener to avoid them being worn out fast. 
  • Use the gentle or delicate wash cycle when opting for machine wash.  
  • It is advisable to use organic detergent or that with minimal ingredients.  
  • Vinegar is the ideal alternative to detergents and bleach since it is eco-friendly.; besides which it will also give your clothes an extra shine. Avoid pouring vinegar directly onto your clothes; just use a dab of vinegar to treat the stains. Diluting vinegar is the best way to avoid damaging your clothes.  
  • Coconut oil based soaps and those with soda are ideal to wash your clothes. Using a dash of essential oils like lavender will give a good scent as well. 
  • Avoid exposing the clothes to high temperature since this can result in causing the T-Shirts to shrink since the moisture dries out from it and the fibres curl up.  
  • Avoid washing your whites along with dark color clothes to prevent staining. 
  • Place cotton balls soaked in an essential oil in your wardrobe to keep your T-Shirts fresh. 
  • Never use bleach or chemical-laden detergents to wash your T-Shirts. The main reason being it can affect the durability of the organic cotton clothes. 

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