How to Measure a T-Shirt to Find the Perfect Fit and Size?

A t-shirt is one of the most comfortable outfits. If you don’t want to experiment much with fashion, buy some trendy t-shirts and you are good to go. With some latest T-shirts, you get plenty of options to style them outside. The clothing piece is so versatile, that you can style it up and down with minimal effort. Cotton t-shirts offer heavenly comfort with some cool vibes. While there are so many options for you to pick your taste, getting the right fit sometimes becomes a problem.

The best way to get the right fit is to take measurements before buying your favorite styles. If you don’t know how to get your measurements right, the below guide is for you. 

What do you need? 

  • A measuring tape 
  • A T-shirt that fits you well
  • A notepad and a pen to write down the measurements 

How to get started? 

You can either measure a t-shirt or take measurements of your body. 

Taking measurements of a T-shirt

  • Wear the t-shirt and make sure the fit is comfortable. 
  • Get it off and remove any wrinkles. 
  • Place the t-shirt on a flat surface and make sure it’s spread evenly. 
  • Chest: Take the measuring tape and place it one inch below the armhole. Measure from left to right. Now double the number you get on the tape, right down the measurement both in cm and inches. 
  • Length: Start from the topmost part of the t-shirt and bring the tape down. Make sure the tape is straight until it touches the hem. Measure and right as it is in cm and inches. 
  • Sleeves: Start from the joining stitch on the arm and shoulder. Bring it down till the sleeve ends. Write down the measurement. 

Taking body measurements

  • You can take help from someone else or measure yourself. 
  • Chest: Take the measuring tape and loop it around the fullest part of your chest. Now add extra inches as per your comfort. Write down the measurement as mentioned above. 
  • Length: Start from your shoulder and bring the tape down. Measure till a comfortable length and add one extra inch. That’s your t-shirt length. 
  • Sleeve: Start from the end of your shoulder and run the tape down to your arm. Take measurement according to a length that feels comfortable enough.

T-shirts for men and women come in various sizes. Everyone’s comfort level is different and so are the size charts. Once you have your measurements, you can decide which size you need. You can go for an exact size if you love a snug fit or buy larger sizes if you want all the air to pass through your body when you walk.